1. Your Closet

2. A friend or family member

3. Youth of the Ozarks Thrift Store

4. Goodwill – South Kansas Expressway location

5. The Career Closet (provided you are going to wear the clothing for job-seeking purposes, too)

The easiest place to start is your closet.

For men, a button-down shirt with a blazer if you have it, and a nice pair of slacks and dark shoes is a terrific courtroom outfit.

For women, nice slacks or a skirt with pantyhose with flat shoes, and a conservative blouse, sweater, or blouse-and-blazer works well.

Avoid shirts with slogans – especially anything with a swear word or advertising beer/liquor/cigarettes.
If you don’t have anything that fits the bill in your closet – and no friends or family with these items available for loan in a similar size – no need to worry!

There are a ton of thrift stores in Springfield, and with a quick wash and iron, voila’! Your courtroom outfit is ready to go. As a bonus – for those of you needing an outfit for a job interview as well – the Missouri Career Center offers a Career Closet with this kind of gear. Dressing appropriately for court makes for smooth sailing – it shows the Judge you understand the importance of the case, and it helps you feel confident in what might otherwise be an intimidating situation.